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About Backpack Retail

Retail Advice In Your Backpack

No nonsense retail consulting, tips and advice for the expanding retailer.

It might have started with your dream to open a flower shop. So you opened a store. Then that store grew. And maybe you opened a second and third store. Either way, you know that growing a retail shop requires people and process. There are staff schedules to create, inventory to order, customer service experiences to deliver – but when are you going to get the time?

So here’s where Backpack Retail comes in.

For the growing retailer

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For the multi-unit retailer

Congratulations on opening your second, third or fourth location! By now, you know that having several locations has its own set of challenges. You can tap into my years of experience managing up to 13 locations for the world’s largest coffee chain.

For the retailer who needs a hand

Just need someone in your corner to ask your burning questions? You can hire me for one-on-one coaching sessions. Or for those who need more hands-on help, work with me on developing customized processes and troubleshooting your operations to get you on track.

About Jesse Pilkington
20+ Year Veteran in Retail Management

When it comes to retail, I have done it all.

From the front lines of Starbucks as a barista rising to the eventual rank of district manager of up to 13 locations. To the role of General Manager of the highest volume bookstore in Canada. I’ve even owned my own sports retail business.

And I’ve learned a thing or two along the way.

Through Backpack Retail, you can tap into my decades of experience to help you improve your retail operations.

On my blog, I share some of my learnings in the hopes that it will help you accelerate your results.  My goal is to give you expert advice that is fast and simple.

You can subscribe to my newsletter here.

The Official (Boring) Bio

A retail veteran with over 20 years’ experience in management, operations and leadership Jesse Pilkington has trained, coached and led some amazing people while working with some of the world’s most respected retailers.

Jesse’s retail career started at Starbucks in the 90s – first as a barista who eventually managed Eastern Canada’s then highest volume store. He was named a Canadian manager of the quarter in 1997.

He then joined Indigo Books on their launch team, helping open their fourth location and later becoming the General Manager of the chain’s second largest store in Canada. While at Indigo, Jesse also designed and delivered a training program that would support the retailer’s growth from four to 20 locations in eight months.

With a passion for serious cycling, Jesse opened Epic Cycling in 2004, a cycling performance environment catered specifically to amateur competitive cyclists. The store would be named best indoor cycling studio in Toronto.

In 2007, Jesse returned back to Starbucks as a district manager, where he achieved the District Manager Coach Certification and became a Future Leaders Trainer.

In 2013, Jesse launched Backpack Retail, an independent firm designed to accelerate a growing retailer’s results by leveraging Jesse’s two decades in retail.

Jesse lives in Vancouver with his wife and three daughters.

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