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I began speaking in front of groups when I started with Starbucks as a classroom facilitator sometimes up to 10 classes per week.  I took this to a whole new level designing and delivering training for hundreds of new employees at Indigo Books.  Recently I delivered an expanded introduction and coffee tasting for keynote speaker Howard Behar and am a regular E-Series speaker for the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs.

Sharing what I know, an ability to connect with my audience and deliver my years of experience in a simple straight forward style has participants saying “took my customer service to the next level” and “helped me develop a vision and systematize everything in my business”

Here are some of the topics I can cover

-Top 5 things you can do right now to improve your bottom line

-How to get your customers to LOVE you

-7 habits of highly effective entrepreneurs

As a guest I speak to my own retail experiences and do not speak as an agent for Starbucks.  To book me for a speaking engagement contact me here.

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